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SiSolver! Why?
High Accurate Integrated Design Tool For PCB/FPC Impedance Simulation/Assement
"Refuse second time trail run, successful on the first time!"
Our Misson:
Systematic/Automated integrated design systems
Unique DK simulation technology, avoid emperical DK adjustment
High accurate simulation using standard DK datasheet
Trial run, Tail run, Why ??
High accurate field sovler with resin filled models for FR4
Strong experience on design and FA service
Softwar customization service (ERP, Automatation)
Engineer training/ OEM simulation system/tool
Professional technical support (Impedance model)
Today impedance tolerance becomes more and more tight. The trend of 10%-->7%-->5%-->3% is a big challenge. Layout & PCB fabricators are rely on the repeatedly trial run and adjusting stackup/DK to meet target without available systematic solutions. When tolerance became 7% or 5%, improving the design accuracy is key point and the right way.
There is a big variation 6%~10% between simulated result and real measured result (Used traditonal impedance calculator).
Fabericator solution routine: Stackup/Impedance design --> Sample --> Measure --> Adjust Trace width/space; repeat the loop, lack of sytematic design capability.
FR4 base material is a mixed dielectric with resin and fiber glass. The DK is NOT a constant, it's vary from different stackups. 
SiSolver Solutions:

  Key Features:
  1. Full factors integration design system: stackup designer, impedance caculator, insertion loss simulator, Dk database and process parameters. Easily and quickly design/assess any stackup with high accurate.
  2. Special resin filled impedance models designed for the FR4 resin-fiber glass mixed dielectric.
  3. Unique DK simulation technology for pressd lamination based on the specific stackup. Using standard DK datasheet for simulation, NOT rely on emperical DK adjustment.
FPC impedance models
Support shielding film
Customization impedance models
High accurate field solver
Support grid ground
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SiSolver unique systematic solutions which provides the best simulation preciseness with standardized DK source.
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