SiSolver Pro Impedance/Loss Integrated Design Systems

High Accurate Integrated Design Tool For PCB/FPC Impedance Simulation/Assement
1. Vitrify the impedance design Black-Box; standardized factors and process, avoid to emperical data.
2. Systematic design/assess tool building bridges between Layout and PCB fabericator.
1. Tolerance more strict. Impedance: 15% 10%   7%   5% 3%; Loss: No   0.48db/inch (exsample)
2. Impedance design routine is still Black-Box for Layout and PCB fabericator,  No systematically design/assess tool.
3. Fabericator facing more presure on impedance design, emperical DK adjustment can't suit new tolerance requirement.
Full fators and tools integrated systems.
Simulating base on specific stackup and procss parameters
Accurate field solver for resin filled models

  • Stackup simulation base on process parameters
  • Unique Dk simulation base on stackup
  • Resin Starvation warning
  • Material database
  • Process parameters define
Unique DK simulation tchnology base on specific stackup
Auto-derive stackup parameters for impedance simulation

  • Integrate impedance and loss tools
  • Support foil types: HTE / RTF / VLP / HVLP
  • Support SET2DIL requirement
  • Avoid to measure roughness of foil

  • Accurate 2.5D BEM field solver
  • Resin filled impedance model
  • Auto-derive parameters from stackup
  • Auto-calculate when stackup changed
  • Batch impedance list calculation
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