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High Accurate Integrated Design Tool For PCB/FPC Impedance Simulation/Assement
Shenzhen SiSolver Technologies:

SiSolver Technologies Co. Ltd. was established in 2013, localed in Shenzhen,china. We focuses on providing  integrated, systematic, and precise impedance / insertion loss simulation solutions for PCB/FPC. We are first lanuched the integrated solutions for any PCB stackup simulation and FPC dedicated impedance field solver. We will provide systematic and affordable solutions and service for customers.

Technical Team:
We possess a very experience PCB/FPC background team to develop the products. From the begining of the development, we aimed to design high accurate, effecient, systematic, integrated simulation software. We finally conquered multi-layer Dk, PCB substrate, stack-up, precise field slover, inner differetial signals impedance, insertion loss computing problems which have bothering PCB/FPC business for a long time.
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